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Deanna protocol
Winning The Fight :
WTF is a non-profit organization with a home base in Tampa (Floride), and a network of volunteers and donors around the world. WTF is dedicated to raising awareness about neurodegenerative diseases (NDs), as well as seeking and funding new treatments. Winning the Fight consists of a board of directors, a medical liaison, and a sizable network of loyal volunteers to run the organization and raise money nationwide, in Europe, and Canada. WTF also rely on a team of scientists to conduct research. Within our volunteer network, there are specialists in neuroscience, finance, business, and information technologies, along with attorneys and physicians. These individuals graciously donate their time, services, and expertise to help WTF expand and improve. Due to the fact that WTF is comprised entirely of volunteers witch are able to dedicate all net proceeds to their mission to discover and to test treatments for people with NDs, and to promote ND awareness. It is imperative that they focus on stopping or decelerating the progression of these diseases to allow affected individuals to survive longer and also achieve a better quality of life until a cure is found. They have already discovered an ND treatment that has been successful in several patients and we are currently conducting laboratory studies to confirm our testimonial evidence. 
Deanna protocol :
The protocol is based on an energy contribution which the body does not supply any more in the muscular cells. The treatment consists of taking of the l'arginine alpha-cétogluarate (AKG), in a maximal dosage of 18 grs 3 times a day. A progressiveness of the dosage is recommended as well as taking of additives according to the stage of the disease. Before starting the treatment, it is imperative to contact Doctor Vincent TEDONE.
This protocol was defined by doctor Vincent Tedone, while his daughter was affected by a ALS and he noted an inversion of the process of degeneration. Other testimonies report an improvement of the gulp and a return to a solid food (Anthony Topazi, president of the Power company of the Mississippi) and the person who made me known Dr Tedone and his protocol, who found largely the function of its legs and hands.
Personal trial:
Posology: 2 grs 3 times a day, 4 grs 3 times a day 6 grs 3 times a day, maximal dosage.
I began treatment on march 14, 2013, 12 grs a day on march, 18 and 18 grs on march,25 2013
Initial Situation : Indicators choosen to follow-up of the evolution
Lower limbs: light movements in extention, increasing spasticity
Upper limbs: no possible movement
Gulp: realized action, but impossible to swallow, even some liquid.
Face: facial paralysis pronounced on cheekbones, cheeks and circumference of the mouth

Week 1
Tuesday, March 19th: the facial paralysis clearly became more marked, in particular of the right-hand side. The sensibility of legs is also increasing (superficial pain in touth)
A pain appeared to the left
shoulder and rather intense as soon as we remove the pillow and for each inspiration.
Week 2
Saturday, March 23rd: the pain in the right shoulder disappeared. The facial paralysis does not affect any more the outside edge of eyes on the awakening and seems less intense at the level of cheeks and cheekbones except after the nap. To follow and to confirm.
Thursday, 28: the facial paralysis aggravated, in the morning, in the awakening and after the nap. This morning, Arches of the eyebrow afraissent and hamper the opening of eyelids It's the same for the itches, more intense of the left-hand side. For 3 days, breathlessness, lack of air and the periods of exhaustion multiply.
Week 3
Monday, April 01st: itches and facial paralysis still ingrowing. Pains appear to the articulations: knees, elbows, shoulders... But I have no kinesitherapy since february, 28.
Week 4  4-11 April
The facial paralysis always progresses and I do not obd no muscular improvement.
The left ear, seems narrow-minded, but after 3 cleanings and an examination, the audtory canal is clean.
Week 5  
11-18 April
The facial paralysis remains stable, but the hearing faculty of the left ear still decreases. It would be necessary to test the gulp with a little liquid. No muscular improvement.
Week 6 
18-25 April
No change
Week 7 25 April - 2 May
No change
It seems that you should not take AAKG with a ratio of 2:1 (2 gr. of arginine for 1g of alpha-cétoglutarate). But with a ratio of 1 for 1.
Week 8  2-9 May
No improvement
Last trial week before passing to Glutathion treament
Week 9  9-16 May
I began traitrement GSH ( glutathion ) on March 10th
Before stopping the arginine, I wish to make a test of gulp to know if there is an improvement on this capacity which is still partially active, (without possibility of swallowing, even some liquid)
Week 10 16-23 May
Any sign of improvement, the facial paralysis and the itches still aggravate. Big tiredness, days and nights since Tuesday, May 21st.
Week 11
23-30 May
No evolution. Important observation: since the beginning of the treatment, cold sweats appear in the awakening, especially after the nap.
On Saturday, 1st jun: stop of the treatment